Laurie Wood

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Assistant Professor of History

Laurie Wood is a historian of the early modern world and her research focuses on law and Francophone history in comparative and global perspectives. She holds a doctorate in history from the University of Texas at Austin and she was previously the Law & Society Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Her book manuscript, Archipelago of Justice: Law in France's Early Modern Empire, examines colonial courts as anchors that connected the far-flung reaches of France’s first overseas empire in a common legal culture, from Martinique in the Caribbean to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Her research interests focus on the question of how humans define themselves at the crossroads of global and local categories and how they act on these understandings of location and context. Her work reframes colonial and metropolitan French histories as a shared past and engages transnational work on legal regimes and comparative imperialism.



Fall 2015: on research leave

Spring 2016: 

  • ASH 3930-1 Monsoon Empires: The Indian Ocean, 800-1800
  • WOH 3930-1 Patriots & Pirates: Law in the Atlantic World
  • HIS 6934-9 Early Modern Europe (Graduate Colloquium)

Previous Courses, 2014-15:

  • WOH3930 Patriots and Pirates: Law in the Atlantic World
  • HIS4935 Patriots and Pirates: Law in the Atlantic World (Senior Seminar)
  • EUH3930 From Medieval to Modern? Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800
  • WOH3930 Monsoon Empires: The Indian Ocean, 800-1800
  • HIS6934 Early Modern Atlantic World (Graduate Colloquium)